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death to friendship
I think back on a time when things were simpler.
Lately, those times seem so distant, like maybe they didn't even exist.
I don't recognize you anymore,
This person, this thing you've become.
You've turned your back one everything you once stood for.
It would be easy to blame the new people that surround you,
But I know that wouldn't be fair.
There is only one person to blame, and it's you.
You've begun to use me;
You've begun to care less.
The question now lies with me,
Do I leave you alone to your new self?
Or do I help you despite the fact that I now despise who you've become.
However you may treat me, we both know that my love for you will always win out.
We are sisters, though not by blood, and I will always stand by your side.
Even as you slowly take all I can give,
And watch me die inside.
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Sunset by dream-forever-10-18 Sunset :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 0 0 Their home by dream-forever-10-18 Their home :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 0 0 X Marks the Spot by dream-forever-10-18 X Marks the Spot :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 0 0 Winter wonderland by dream-forever-10-18 Winter wonderland :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 2 0 Valley by dream-forever-10-18 Valley :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 0 3 Natural by dream-forever-10-18 Natural :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 0 0 Between by dream-forever-10-18 Between :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 0 0
I'm sitting in the car staring out the window; on this road we call life.
I'm intrigued by all the places I've passed.
I've loved all the people I've met.
I've missed the people lost in time;
And I've wished to be at places this journey won't take me.
I suppose that as just a passenger I can't do much.
People say we drive the car of our destiny,
I would have to disagree.
I believe we are merely passenger's on this journey we call life.
We can give the driver directions,
But it's not up to us on whether or not we go there.
So sit back and enjoy the ride!
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To my inner child
Dear little one,
Where have you gone? It's been lonely here without you. I know I've been busy and haven't had much time to enjoy your being a part of me, but hopefully that will change. You were a part of my life for so long, what happened? One day we were outside running, using our imagination and the next I barely see you anymore. There are times you make an appearance, like when I'm around children. Why can't you be with me all the time? I vow to let you out more often. To allow myself to be a child. Life was so good with you around. I need you! You kept me grounded, and made me relax. You allowed me to see the magic in everything around me. If you come out to play again, you and I will never say good-bye. You are a part of me.
The adult me
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Before you
Before you, I didn't think anyone could compare…
Before you, my world had crashed down…
Before you, I was lonely.
Now I see…
I see that he didn't make me, I make myself.
I see that I don't need a man, I need me.
I don't need love…
But it is nice to have.
Since you, nothing else matters..
Since you, I live in perfection…
Since you, I'm surrounded.
I think I've seen this before.
The heart wants what it wants, and I am merely a slave.
I guess I didn't learn my lesson, but I like it this way.
You and I are different..
I only hope this time I get my happy ending.
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Non existant
Sometimes the air feels thin, and I can't breathe.
I try screaming, but you can't hear.
You're looking at me, but you don't see me.
Why can't you just see what I feel?
The pain I hold inside, it's not hidden anymore;
And still you're blind.
I try to shake you to awareness,
But you look right through me.
That's when it hit me.
The truth I could not see.
I am invisible, meaningless, and unimportant.
I do not exist.
Not in this world.
Not with you.
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Unaware Pt.2
Part 2
She didn't like the feeling she was getting about being here. Hearing voices in remote places is one of the things she read about in her novels, not something that happens in real life. She had to get it together. She closed her eyes and slowly breathed in and out. "You should leave, it's not safe here". That voice she opened her eyes again, feeling crazier than ever. She decided her best option was just to run; only this time she would stay away from dogs. She ran as fast as her legs could take her, and then she tripped. Only she didn't trip, it felt like something from the ground reached up and grabbed her ankle. That hurt! She searched the surrounding area for the culprit and found none. She was beginning to cry now, 'I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! She kept saying over and over again.  Again she felt like there was someone standing behind her. This time she didn't get up, and she didn't turn around. She just closed her eyes and began
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Unaware Pt. 1
Today she set off to explore a place she had never been to before. What was she looking for? She just walked into the woods, unaware of the dangers that preside there. She didn't care to know of those things. Today she was free of worry, free of regret, free of pressure to be someone else; she was alone. She stumbled upon an area where light shone straight through the trees to the grassy, leaf covered, floor. She layed down on this floor and closed her eyes, allowing the warmth of the sun to engulf her. This was it; this is what she was looking for. A place of her own; somewhere reality could not find her, and worries did not exist. She felt someone's presence next to her, and quickly opened her eyes, only to find that there was nothing there. Heart was racing now and she felt overwhelming paranoia that someone was watching her. It was time to go home! Which direction did she come from again? Needing to leave this area at once, she just ran. I think that tree looks familiar, she though
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Though it's dark, I see;
Though it's frightening, I am fearless;
Though it's humorless, I laugh;
Though it's bleak, I smile;
Tough it's ominous, I'm optimistic.
To truly see is not to actually see what is in front of us at all. It is to look past it the darkness that seems to go on forever; To be unafraid, and conquer the things that make us tremble; To laugh in the face of that which is all too serious; To smile when it seems that all else is lost; and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Life is meant to be lived, not feared or stressed.
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Lake View by dream-forever-10-18 Lake View :icondream-forever-10-18:dream-forever-10-18 1 0


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There's a lot going on now. Graduating, grad school and possibly a loss of people I love. Life throws such messy scenarios our way sometimes that I just don't know if I should be happy, upset, hurt, or depressed. Despite all the crappy hands, the great ones are in fact just that,great!
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